Line Breaks in Mode Tables?

Is there a simple way to add line breaks into the displayed output of a Mode table?

i.e. something like:

CONCAT(string_one, "</br>", string_two)

and have it display as:





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  • Hi Matthew !  

    Not sure which database you're using but here's how you can do it PostgreSQL.

    In the SQL use chr(10) for the line break:

    SELECT CONCAT('test line 1', chr(10), 'test line 2')

    Then in your report's CSS use this:

      .mode-table-grid td {
        white-space: pre;

    Let us know how that works for you!

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  • ah, great idea! Unfortunately we're using BigQuery SQL, which doesn't seem to support these character functions.

    Is there anyway to get the table to recognize and render HTML tags within cell values?

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  • I'm sorry but Mode's Display Tables won't render HTML (e.g. <br>) at the moment.    

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