Cross-db queries

Is it possible to do cross-database T-SQL queries in Mode? I have tried doing something like

SELECT * FROM dbo.table1 t1
[server_name].database2.dbo.table2 t2 JOIN t1.uid = t2.uid

But I get an Invalid object name error with this syntax.

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  • Hi Andrew ,  Mode does not currently support cross database joins.  We have had requests for this feature so it is being considered.  You can use Python Notebook to merge data from different queries that use different data sources though.  Here is an example report that does this:

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  • Donna McGahan Thanks for the quick response. This is a pretty important feature for more than my most basic tasks, so I'll be looking forward to that in the future.

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  • I'll make sure we post something here if and when this feature becomes available.  Thanks!

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