Share clauses between queries?

A number of my reports share WHERE clauses to blacklist certain data from the reports. These blacklists are somewhat dynamic and it becomes real hairy to ensure each report is updated if it changes.

I can't seem to find a way to either:

a) Share a query between reports
b) Share a liquid definition between queries, across reports

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can deduplicate text/logic in my queries across multiple reports?


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  • Definitions does somewhat what I want to do. I'd have to restructure some queries so that they're doing a subselect from a centralized query which has been blacklisted already.

    But it would be neat to have a Definitions-like feature which worked with Liquid to be able to insert partial queries and not full SELECTs

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  • Jeff Andersen Yeah Definitions actually isn't what I'd be looking to use. Especially where the queries are not structured to operate from a sub-select query.


    Ideally it would be part of the templating system that enables me to append to a WHERE clause with specific shared items.

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