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I have a table (of sports results) which has several fields but two fields for names of players - PlayerA and PlayerB, as the play together in a team. I want to count how many times each player actually plays as they may play with other people in other matches. For example, Joe may play 5 times as PlayerA and 3 times as PlayerB.

I've tried a UNION which can list each player in the same column with a count of how many times they've played, but the problem is the same player is often listed twice - once when he plays in the PlayerA position and again in PlayerB position. In the above example Joe appears once with 5 appearances and once (lower down the list) with 3 appearances.

How can I get one view of all the Players without the same name appearing twice?


Any thoughts would be helpful.

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  • Hi Barry... if you UNION ALL in a sub-query you can GROUP BY `player` in your outer query to get an aggregate count across either player slot (A or B). 

    Here is a simple example that (I think) aligns with the way you've got your data structured.

    Sample data - using single letters to denote different player names ('A','B','C', or 'D')


    SQL example (using StandardSQL in bigquery)

    SELECT player
    , SUM(matches) as matches
    FROM (
          SELECT playerA as player
          , COUNT(*) as matches
          FROM `cc_sandbox.players`
          GROUP BY 1
        UNION ALL
          SELECT playerB as player
          , COUNT(*) as matches
          FROM `cc_sandbox.players`
          GROUP BY 1
    GROUP BY 1
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  • Many many thanks, I should brush up on my SQL skills, I'd ferried around something similar with no success but the example looks perfect.

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