Colour for same variable keeps changing


I am trying to create a dashboard using data which is divided into three categories. But the colour scheme keeps changing in different charts based on the numeric value under each category. 

Is there a way to fix this or define a uniform colour scheme throughout the dashboard?

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  • Hello Raunaq Paul ,

    Sorry for the delayed response! There is currently no way to define a uniform colour scheme throughout the dashboard.  This functionality has also been requested by some of our other customers as well, so I will certainly add your feedback to the conversation. I will also keep you in the loop regarding when this functionality is available to be used in Mode. Let me know if you have any further questions at all!

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  • Hi roberto salcido

    might it be possible you add this feature ASAP? cos this is what you would need when building cross-filtering/interactive dashboards among charts.

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  • Chiming in. I need this feature too. I'm surprised it doesn't exist already; in Chartio we were able to map specific colors to specific grouping variables, and they've been able to do this for years. 

    Here's an example, see how the colors for "missed" and "answered" keep changing, even though both are from the same SQL query.

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  • Hey  Adam Stone , thanks for chiming in! I've made a note of your request and will be in touch with any relevant updates.

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