Mode is super sensitive for the "Back-command" from Macbook's touchpad


I just wanted to say that the edit report view is SUPER sensitive for going backwards when scrolling horizontally (and I even manage to do it when I scroll vertically quite often) in the SQL editor.

Just the past week I've probably went back about 15-20 times going out of the report to the spaces view. It's super frustrating and makes me write all queries in BigQuery instead, and then just copy paste.

Would be much better user experience if I did not accidentally go back all the time.

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  • More so than other sites? I always thought that was a Apple default gesture that chrome was just using.

    There's people talking about dealing with that problem in general here:

    The tldr is one sollution is you can disable the two finger back for chrome in general with:

    $ defaults write AppleEnableMouseSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool false
    $ defaults write AppleEnableSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool false

    For safari just use the plist for safari ( I think) instead of

    I remember having a bunch of problems with it elsewhere on an older version of chrome, but an update made it less finicky. 

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  • Yeah, but now it was a while ago since I experienced it!

    What I'm looking for is the feature that Google Sheets has. When you scroll horizontally having the mouse over the cells, then you can't go back with two finger scroll, but having the mouse outside of the cells allows you to use that command.

    Try it out and try to do the same thing for the Mode editor!

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